The Process of Renting a Hospital Bed in Ireland

Whether you are a care provider working in a domiciliary care setting or are the relative of somebody that needs care within their own home, it’s likely that you’ve asked yourself the question, how would I rent a hospital bed in Ireland?

Individuals that have recently come out of hospital or have been diagnosed with a terminal illness or a condition that has affected their mobility are likely to require a hospital bed that is both comfortable and well-equipped to support their needs.

By staying at home to receive care and treatment, people can remain comfortable and relaxed in a setting that they are used to.


The Benefits Of Our Brand New Electric Low Profiling Bed

After signing an exclusive agreement with Tecnimoem, a company in Spain, we will now be delivering a brand new Electric Profiling bed Ireland to care providers in both hospitals and residential settings.

In terms of our home rental customers, Electric Low Profiling Beds are a must have product that will ensure individuals can live comfortably in their own homes while still having all of their care needs met.

So, what is it about our Electric Low Profiling Beds that makes them such a superior product worthy of your time? Read on to find out.


Our New Look Website And Vast Product Range

Here at CareQuip, we have a longstanding history and commitment to selling the highest quality products to the nursing home industry. Thanks to continued success over the last ten years, we have now decided that is time for us to diversify and expand our sales and rental offering to domestic homes. Keen to engage with customers even more, we have updated our website to make it much more user friendly and ensure that we continue to be both a leading provider to both Nursing Homes in Ireland and those in a domestic setting. To celebrate the launch of our new website we are offering free delivery on all products bought on our website in April. Furthermore we guarantee delivery in 2 business days for all products bought on our website