March 31, 2018

The Benefits Of Our Brand New Electric Low Profiling Bed

After signing an exclusive agreement with Tecnimoem, a company in Spain, we will now be delivering a brand new Electric Profiling Bed to our Nursing Home clients.

So, what is it about our Electric Low Profiling Beds that makes them such a superior product worthy of your time? Read on to find out.

Ultra low Features

This bed offers elevation from 21 to 61 cm, which is a much broader distance than other electric beds can offer. Built with optional side rails, if in the unfortunate event a patient falls out of bed, they can roll safely onto a fall mat. This minimises injuries associated with falling from heights, and entrapment issues.

Added safety features

For elderly patients and those that are dealing with limited amounts of mobility, falling out of bed is a significant risk. Luckily, this bed benefits from having a headboard, footboard and optional wooden railings that are integrated into the headboards, ensuring that high levels of safety are always achieved.

Easy to use and control

Benefiting from cable control which activates all of the movements of the bed and also has the option to totally or partially blocking them, this bed can be handled easily by either the user or their care provider.

Quick assembly

Unlike other electric beds that often require extensive tools and equipment to set them up, this bed can be assembled quickly and without the use of any tools to do so.

Relieves pressure from care giver

Taking care of somebody that is bed bound is a challenging enough task, especially when you are the sole caregiver and the patients needs are demanding. This particular bed will help to significantly reduce the amount of pressure that a caregiver is under. The bed allows for the use of a hoist in an elevated position, which means that individuals can easily be moved out of bed and back again.

Attractive design

Being taken care of at home doesn’t need to feel clinical, uninviting and undignified, and this bed will ensure that patients maintain a feeling of comfort while they get better. With an epoxy-polyester paint coating and an attractive wooden finish, this bed can easily integrated into any living space and will ensure that both care givers and patients feel right at home.

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