Powerlift 175 Hoist

  • Hoists for transferring and handling of handicapped patients. Suitable for patients up to 135 kg and 175 kg respectively, these hoists are designed to be used at home or at nursing/care homes and hospitals.
  • They provide outstanding safety, functionality, reliability and handling.


  • Maximum load capacity: 175 kg.
  • Meets ISO 10535: 2007 standard.
  • Electronic parts meet EN-60601-1 and EN-60601-1.2 standard.
  • Electric protection IP X4
  • Battery charge: 200 work cycles.
  • Integrated charger with 230V 50Hz entry.
  • Control box with emergency stop button.
  • Externally chargeable battery option.
  • Audible low level battery alarm.
  • Manual actuator release option.
  • Padded hanger. Straps with non-return system.
  • 360° hanger rotation.
  • Wired handset unit.
  • Actuator manually removable.
  • Wide duty range that allows lifting the patient from ground level.
  • Straps and harnesses included.
  • Breaks on the rear end wheels.
  • Detachable in two sectors.
  • Easy to transport and store.
  • Epoxy-polyester coated steel structure.
  • Mast design that keeps liquids from getting inside the structure.
  • Base structure that provides a greater stability and safety.
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