Stand Aid

  • The POWERLIFT UP CRANE is intended for the incorporation and/or descent of patients from a sitting position (chair, toilet, bed, wheelchair) to a standing position.
  • Design and reduced size offers outstanding safety, functionality, handling and reliability.
  • It must always be handled by qualified personnel (never by the patient) and with patients who have some mobility and holding capacity in the lower extremities.
  • For safety reasons, the patient must always wear footwear.
  • The accessories are ergonomically designed to adapt to the needs of each patient and can be removed if necessary.


  • Maximum load 160 kg (including harness)
  • Height: minimum of 114 cm. (P) maximum 186 cm. (N)
  • Width: minimum of 53 cm. (A) and (E) maximum of 96 cm. (C)
  • Space for turning on itself (turning diameter): 115 cm (X)
  • Length: 114 cm. (W)
  • Noise level <55 dBA
  • Weight of the crane without load: 39 Kg. (Support set: 15.5 kg – Mast / arm set: 18.5 kg – Footrest platform: 5 kg.)
  • Drive forces Finger: <5 N Hand / arm: <105 N Foot: <300 N
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