3A Aspeed Aspirator

  • The 3A Aspeed Professional Aspirator is a piston-type electric aspirator.
  • The 3A Aspeed Professional Aspirator features an adjustable vacuum level from between 0 and 0.85 bar, and an air flow of 15 Lpm (single pump) or 22 Lpm (double pump).
  • The robust 3A Aspeed Professional Aspirator also features a protective thernal cutout relay as well as a protective cap which prevents fluids from reaching the pump.
  • The compact design of the 3A Aspeed Professional Aspirator allows for efficient and effective functional aspiration, and is ideal for general practice, nursing homes and occupational health.
  • With great durability and high performance assured, the 3 Aspeed Professional Aspirator requires no maintenance or lubrication and is easy to use.
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